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UT ATD Randomness: iTem
So I was chatting with my friend...

Basically a mini-series sorta thing where I illustrate various random situations with Frisk and the Prolis. (Frisk shows up in a later one which I have planned) 
All the comics are inspired by YouTube comments I find or conversations with friends. 

Also a way for me to progressively reveal character designs.

Though colour may have to wait.

Extremely random and not related to the main thing at all. 

I don't even know anymore.

You guys can send in suggestions if you like. 

(my art is terrible cri)

AU info (plus a terrible battle screen mockup):
Click here

(Turns out iTem is an actual game lol)
Undertale ATD - Genocide ending mockup + AU info
So I've finally decided to release my AU.

This is the AU where the battle buttons are personified much like the emotions in Inside Out, and Frisk isn't afraid to speak up and see the world with open eyes.

Yeah, that's all that's changed/added.

It's also very cringy. 

The personas, or 'Prolibullae' (Prolis for short) are the personifications: FIGHT, ACT, ITEM, MERCY and SAVE.
or Figna, Acara, Isca, and Miseri, respectively. (The first letter of the name also helps if you can't remember)
SAVE doesn't have a nickname.

The battle system (when you blink into the battle after being warned of an encounter) is a pocket dimension.

(This is really awkward ok)

The Prolis aren't humans, nor monsters. 
Betty Icon - Normal [GlitchTale] (F2U) Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1I can see you...Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 
They're the residents of the pocket dimension, or PD.

They can also remember through RESETs. 
There's a lot more, but this is the basic premise, and all you need to know currently. I'll release their designs when time allows, or when I get better at drawing.

So it's probably time I explained the battle screen you see.

Like it says in the title, this is the true final battle of the Genocide Route in this AU.
(There are very few changes to in-game events in this AU, but there are a few, this being the most notable)

After beating Sans, you confront Asgore.
You initiate a FIGHT.
MERCY is missing. (like in the actual game)

* Why don't we settle this over a nice cup of tea?

*black screen*
*hit for 99999999999999999*

Fades to reveal that Miseri as run in and taken the blow for Asgore.
They collapse in front of him.

* So it would seem that... no matter which path you pick... I will always end up dying in front of Asgore... though the reason may change...
* The irony of this situation is quite amusing, wouldn't you say?

then they die, 
Asgore moves, but then you kill him too.

Black screen...

Then a voice speaks.

* So, you think that you have reached the end?
* That you can simply get away with doing what you have done.
* You may have reached the point of no return.
* There's no way to SAVE you now.
* But maybe I can SAVE something else...
* Like all the humans above.
* And the monsters of other timelines.
* I will stop you.
* We shall have one last FIGHT...
* You versus the Saviour of Timelines!

Then SAVE (the enemy you see in this (terrible) battle screen mockup) appears and you fight them.

You vs the literal embodiment of a game mechanic.

idk what i was thinking

They have Asgore's trident cos why not

I do have an animation of SAVE, thou without the menu. You can view it here: Click

So uhh yeah

That's my AU

Tell me which route you would take if you were doing this battle (yes if you look carefully there is another way)

and maybe I'll make a follow-up screen

and it's also a one off fight

you get one chance

if you die, it's game over

the game is reset

not a bad ending thou

If you beat them, the Chara appears and it continues as normal

that's a bad ending

There is another way, a good ending, so if u think you've found it, ask me about it.

Sorry if this sounded 'ranty' I just needed to get this AU out.
I also apologize for the cringe that this gave you.
But, if you think this is interesting, do tell me.
This is probably the AU with the most random origin story ever but whateves

I have lots of other details, like the Prolis' abilities, personalities, etc.

and maybe an after game story

There's a comment on my 'Asgore Pls No' drawing which has a little extra info, so go check that out if you want.

So uhh yeah...

Guess that's all for now..
So I was browsing around the UT AU wiki...


(I'm pretty sure I don't need to tag this as mature content.)
Asgore Pls No
A random thing I drew for my Undertale AU/Concept where the battle buttons are personified much like the emotions in Pixar's Inside Out. 

That's supposed to be MERCY but I can't draw.
Original Meme image here

I have ideas developed for the AU, but I'm scared of the fandom.
If anyone is actually interested in this (I have lore and a Glitchtale-esque after game story, as well a few changes to in game events), please let me know.

Well, enjoy this cringe I guess... 
No seriously, it's a crap ton of cringe. But I've had this idea in my head since January this year, and I've finally decided to tell the world. With a little encouragement from GKTRRAkAkumu (hope I got ur name right lol).
So I've decided...
no more fear 
[kicks Betty out; grabs Frisk]
time to tell the world.

(but seriously, don't read this if you can't take cringe. don't say i didn't warn ya.
But if you're curious and can take cringe, go right ahead)

So, the first (and only, for now) thing you need to know
it that this is a personification of an element of the game. 
One that is in my opinion, very forgotten by the fandom when it comes to AUs and fanart.
but since it's a personification, do I consider this an AU or a headcanon?
let me know lol, i'm new to this.

The element in question is the battle system.




Well, the options given in battle to be precise. 

and maybe SAVE idk

Oh god

do you see now

the cringe


I'll let what I just said sink in a bit


So this is basically the battle buttons personified in a manner similar to the emotions in Pixar's Inside Out.
There is more regarding the battle system, and how it fits in here, but that's for later if people actually approve this. 

So there.

Congratulations for reading and surviving all this cringe.

I do have designs in mind, but i can't draw cri.

An art style that they (the personifications, i'll refer to them as personas from now) might imo look nice in would be TC-96's style used for Frisk and humans.

But I can't draw...

And describing them is also pain.

Cos it's hard. 

I've tried sketching them but it just results in dust being spread everywhere.
And I mean eraser dust why would I go murder monsters like that

so yeah.

That's really all there is to it.

I have a very Glitchtale-esque story in mind.

and idea's and laws and stuff

but i'll say them in another post of people approve of this.

So leave a comment if you want more.

If I wasted your time and cringed you out because you ignored the warning, well too bad. 

Actually, I'll apologise, to you, and the whole fandom, for even remotely considering this.


I'll see you guys soon. 

(lol i have no idea how to end so imma just leave this here)
oh that asgore reminds me poor MERCY in this headcanon 1 comment=1 prayer


You really think I'll tell you?
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